The week before MOGO Music Fest 2017, Arietta Ward stopped by the show to share some original tracks, early memories with music, and her thoughts on the Portland Music scene.

With the MOGO Fest: PDX Funk & Soul Par-tay just a week away, Arietta Ward sat down with Jen Em and I for an insightful conversation about her evolution as an artist and excitement for the music festival scene. Our PDX Spotlight playlist featured local favorites, Tyrone Hendrix, The Doo Doo Funk Allstars, Free Mason Jar, and Janice Scroggins. One surprise for me during the interview was learning that Arietta used to suffer from stage fright. Having seen her perform a number of times I would have never guessed. Another highlight for me was playing her new song My Reality, produced by Tony Ozeer.

We covered a lot of great topics and more than enjoyed our time with Arietta! Enjoy the podcast below to hear broadcast and original tracks from Arietta Ward!