In this episode, we uncork two stories from local winemakers. The first tells of the building of a winery experience located directly on the Oregon Coast. And the second holds the creed of, “Low-impact winemaking. High-impact causes.” 


Joe Knox, Winemaker, The Winery At Manzanita & Portland Wine Bar

Erich Berg, Owner & Winemaker, Ricochet Wine


Winery Biographies

The Winery At Manzanita

Manzanita is a small, quaint beach town on the Oregon Coast, just 15 minutes south of Cannon Beach and a little over an hour from Portland, Oregon.  With 7 miles of uninterrupted, dog-friendly beach, amazing sunsets, cute shops and tasty restaurants, it is a regular vacation destination for Portlanders and Seattleites alike.

Mark Proden, owner and winemaker, founded the winery under the Bodhichitta name and wine label in 2008 while attending wine school, making small batches of wine (10-100 cases at a time) by hand in Salem, Oregon.  He became interested in wine during his 11 years in the Air Force as a pilot and engineer, visiting Napa and Sonoma and eventually Oregon as Pinot noir grew in popularity here.

After wine school and a few years in Hawaii developing his line of dry to off-dry tropical fruit wines (passion fruit, pineapple, guava, mango) under the Island Mana Wines label on Kauai, he began looking for a new venue; a location inspired by nature, that would allow for increased production while maintaining high quality.  Manzanita came to mind, as Mark had made many trips there with his black lab Pinot, mainly for its long, dog-friendly, leash-free beach and awe-inspiring sunsets.

Portland Wine Bar 

Mark Proden opened The Portland Wine Bar and Winery Tasting Room in March 2012. They focus on local, small batch wines from other small Oregon and Washington wineries and keep rotating the wines.  As a Portland urban winery tasting room, they host a large number of tourists seeking out Pacific Northwest Wines, especially Oregon Pinot noir.

Ricochet Wine 


Ricochet practices low-impact winemaking.  They are low-sulfur and do not use enzymes to extract color.  They only filter wines if absolutely necessary.  Ricochet aims to make wines that are sophisticated; wine with tension and nuance and layers and fruit and…all the things.  

The Purpose:

Ricochet aims to be part of the local and regional community.  Five percent of all profits are donated to social-justice, non-profit organizations.  Ricochet is happy to be linked with The Remnant Initiatives, based in Newberg, OR.  This organization helps newly released, formerly incarcerated citizens of Yamhill County to get adequate clothing, jobs, housing and a sense of stability.  



Heidi Moore, Wine Enthusiast

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