We’re Fired Up!

Really? In the most prosperous country in the world, many deserving people still need a great deal of help. True. And…maybe especially, now.

But, with our politics in disarray, and cries for help coming from all sides, who should you help first?

Like you, the staff and volunteers at Portland Radio Project have a passion to solve issues like homelessness, hunger, health, education, the environment and more. We got so fired up, we created a megaphone: Community Voices, the award-winning broadcast (and podcast) series highlighting the work of local nonprofits. (Check the link for the more than 90 (!) local nonprofits we have profiled to date.)

Join us on #GivingTuesday and all this week for an effort to maximize resources and amplify our effect on those in need. We’ve invested $45,237 in time and resources to help 95 non-profits so far!

Our funding comes from compassionate people like you. We can’t do it without your tax-deductible financial support.

Here’s what we need: ($10,000 goal)

  • 1 committed person to provide $1,000
  • 3 driven people to give $500 each
  • 25 compassionate people to contribute $100 each
  • 50 concerned donors of $50 each
  • 100 willing people to throw in $25 each

Whether given all at once or spread out over a year, it’s easy to make your resources go further when like-minded people come together and we all use a megaphone.

Get fired up! Add your voice to Portland’s proud giving tradition.

Click on: prp.fm/giving and make your support known!

PS One more thing: You can make your donation count even more by making an equal contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust – and getting a tax credit! Here’s how to double your contribution for free: culturaltrust.org


We knew we could count on you, PRP listeners. Thank you for your support!



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