Towne Storage “Artist Walkabout & Sale”

The iconic building in the heart of Portland’s industrial neighborhood is home to over 25 studios, that are in turn, home to musicians, graphic artists, photographers, painters, and more. Once a year, the public is invited inside to see creatives at work. $1.00 gets us in. All admission proceeds head to Oregon Humane Society! Saturday, November 8th from 6 to 10 PM.




If you drive along MLK Blvd or cross the Burnside Bridge, you surely have seen this building. Turns out, it’s a hub of creativity for those who want a space to do their work. Be it photographers, designers, artists, musicians who want a special studio space. Sometimes, it’s great to be able to get out of jammy-mode, get dressed, get out and do your work outside the home. The annual open house also serves as a way to support not just art, but animals, as admission proceeds head for the Oregon Human Society.  And artists are offering up wonderful opportunities to buy their creations at great prices. Let the holiday season begin!


One working artist is Joanne Licardo. She moved from Santa Monica and found her way to Portland, and Towne Storage, where she’s been for seven years. I spoke with her. Abut her work, and about the vibe inside this wonderful work-space.




Joanne is offering a wall of art priced at $50. And posters of some of her pieces, like the one you see below she calls “The Awakening of Psyche”.

Joanne Licardo

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