ebbae9_fc007fac830d45e9a05a1040d142bcef It’s a week of gratitude and wellness at The Oleander Effect! I’ve got the perfect guest for this theme tonight: Dr. Satya Sardonicus. She’s a chiropractic wizard that is making ripples in the local wellness community. Hollistic, yogic and intuitive– if that’s what your body has been missing, then tune in! Monday (11/23) 8-10 PM here on PRP.FM!

More about her background:  Dr. Satya Sardonicus provides chiropractic care with integrative biotensegrity in SW Portland, Oregon. She draws upon a rich background in neurosensory integration, applied kinesiology, nutritional healing, traditional yoga, integrative movement, and music.​ She is dedicated to advancing the authentic philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic as a neurologically-oriented approach to optimizing the expression of human potential.