It is a known fact that people who eat sushi are happy people and that happy people eat sushi. This has been proven again and again. You won’t find any happier people than those who are patrons of the Wasabi Sushi PDX food cart. Wasabi Sushi makes its home at the Happy Valley Station food cart pod.

Wasabi Sushi Food Cart


Hein (Alex) Naung and Phyo Nge, the proprietors of Wasabi Sushi, both grew up in Myanmar (Burma) in the capitol city of Rangoon. They came to Portland by way of London and Hawaii. It was in Hawaii that Hein and Phyo learned the art of preparing sushi. After ten years of working in restaurants in Honolulu, Hein and Phyo moved to Portland.

With the dream of one day opening their own sushi restaurant here in Portland, Hein and Phyo realized that they could, as many talented chefs have, start their journey to brick-and-mortar with a food cart. So Wasabi Sushi opened at the Happy Valley Station food cart pod in November of 2015. The challenge for Hein and Phyo was to create restaurant-quality sushi in a food cart. Needless to say, people are happy.

Wasabi Sushi


Just to be clear, sushi is not about raw fish per se. What most folks consider sushi is actually sashimi, raw sea food which is sliced and served without rice. It’s the rice (white or brown) that makes sushi. Specifically, rice prepared with rice vinegar. While the different variations of sushi can include raw seafood, they also have vegetables and occasionally tropical fruits. The variations are only limited by the imaginations of sushi chefs.

Wasabi Sushi


Sushi is prepared to be as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Wasabi Sushi’s menu is just that. Full of color and texture, the appearance of the sushi at Wasabi Sushi is only exceeded by its flavor experience. The menu includes such offerings as the Hawaiian Mango Dragon Roll, the Treasure Island Roll, the Temptation Roll, the Rainbow Roll and the Alaskan Roll. Also available are classic sushi styles, vegetarian sushi, wraps, and rice bowls.

Wasabi Sushi

Wasabi Sushi PDX is open daily for lunch and dinner at Happy Valley Station which is located at SE 145th and Sunnyside Road.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Hein (Alex) Naung and Phyo Nge of Wasabi Sushi PDX about sushi and their journey from Myanmar to Portland.