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Femi Kuti might have been the most exciting performer at the Oregon Waterfront Blues Festival.

You could say it was the one-minute-long sax note achieved through circular breathing, which then led to a maddening solo. You could say it was … Continue Reading

Sometimes you just can’t dance with the horse you came in on. Changing rides in mid-stream may be the only gamble worth taking. That’s what Stan Johnson did with his food cart, Phatz Philly Cheesesteaks. One fateful Sunday at … Continue Reading

Milagro Theater presents La Muetre Baila (translation: The Dead Dancer) a comedic journey through the underworld. Just in time for Halloween, right?

And seasonality aside, it’s a play with both cultural roots and a playful newness. That’s the kind of Continue Reading

It started with a dream of dancing.

As a young girl in Liberia, Rolia Manyongai-Jones dreamed of teaching African dance in the United States. She wanted to share the rich history of her culture to a multiracial audience through music.… Continue Reading

Have you ever dreamt of being swept around a ballroom like a princess? Or, maybe you just want to shake it like Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper did in “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Either way, you can see ballroom dancing in … Continue Reading

Portland is home to an abundance of dance companies, studios and dancers in styles ranging from ballet, aerial, and hip hop to tango, Bollywood and swing.

Until Emily Running stepped up with her non-profit called Dance Wire – finding out … Continue Reading

The signs are all here. Hints of snow in the forecast. Twinkly lights are going up. From here on out, until the quiet and silence of January, it will be a mad and exciting seasonal rush. So make it be … Continue Reading

The Portland Ballet

I don’t know about you, but I have been known to love watching/being part of a rehearsal more than the final product on the stage in any kind of theatrical production. In this case an opportunity to view The Portland … Continue Reading

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