Dance Wire: Portland Dancers’ Hub

Portland is home to an abundance of dance companies, studios and dancers in styles ranging from ballet, aerial, and hip hop to tango, Bollywood and swing.

Until Emily Running stepped up with her non-profit called Dance Wire – finding out what’s happening in the PDX dance world was a bit challenging.

Dance Wire was created to serve as a centralized network for the Portland dance community where all information about what’s going on is in one convenient location – classes, performances, workshops, auditions and more.

In addition to being an information hub, Dance Wire will offer resources to help strengthen the community as a whole. This includes a community forum, panel discussions, features on local artists and organizations as well as a health network for dancers.

Listen to Robert Parish’s interview with Emily Running, founder of Dance Wire:



Emily performs with a-wol dance collective, which performs this summer at Art in the Dark in West Linn.


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