Milagro Theater presents La Muetre Baila (translation: The Dead Dancer) a comedic journey through the underworld. Just in time for Halloween, right?

And seasonality aside, it’s a play with both cultural roots and a playful newness. That’s the kind of experience Teatro Milagro wishes to invoke with its intimate, bilingual and social justice-oriented plays – performances that nod to Latino history while remaining deftly relevant.

The Miracle Theatre Group (as it is known in English) was founded in 1985 by Jose Eduardo Gonzalez, and his wife Malán. Together the couple launched what is now Portland’s oldest Latino theater.

Today the theater group continues to roll out seasons rich with both crowd-favorites as well as world premieres. Their traveling performances – in the tradition of Latin American peasant troupes that took to the road – are received in locations across the nation.

Milagro Theater also collaborates with local and regional human and social service agencies to address issues of health, education and cultural sensitivity. And their outreach and performances give voice to issues affecting the local and national Hispanic community.

This week at PRP we featured Milagro Theater as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. Below you can listen to an interview with executive director Jose Gonzales. And, as the week goes along, we will add a three-part feature by award-winning journalist Jacob Lewin