“Siri, What Is Turkuaz?”

“Turkuaz is a Turkish Market located near Berkeley College. Or, a 9-piece funk band that ceaselessly tours to spread the Gospel of Funk across the world.”

We learn something new every day.

Five members of the … Continue Reading

Milagro Theater presents La Muetre Baila (translation: The Dead Dancer) a comedic journey through the underworld. Just in time for Halloween, right?

And seasonality aside, it’s a play with both cultural roots and a playful newness. That’s the kind of Continue Reading

KATU anchorman Steve Dunn stopped by the PRP studio Wednesday morning to champion the work of a local nonprofit, Children’s Center, which provides services to Clackamas County children who have suffered neglect or abuse.

“When you talk to someone … Continue Reading

The system is overwhelmed – perhaps even broken.

We hear this line repeated, and we hear sad stories about our community’s children shuffling through a maze-like foster care program. The issue is even more pressing in Oregon, a state dealing Continue Reading

Exceed Enterprises is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing vocational and personal development services to people with disabilities in the Portland metropolitan area. The organization was founded in 1968, and offers a wide variety of rehabilitation services, personal services, and … Continue Reading

ROSE Community Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Outer Southeast Portland a better place to live. The name ROSE is an acronym for Revitalizing Outer SouthEast, and is founded in the belief that affordable housing allows people to … Continue Reading

Bridge Meadows is a community where adoptive parents, foster children, and elders over 55 find a true home with love and a vision for a better tomorrow. It is located in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland, and was modeled … Continue Reading

The Rosewood Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Rosewood area a desirable place to live, play, and work. The Rosewood neighborhood is centered on the intersection of 162nd and Burnside, and is encompassed by 15 blocks … Continue Reading

Lines for Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide in our community. It has served thousands of people with suicide, mental health, and substance abuse intervention services as well as treatment referral and drug prevention … Continue Reading

Bridges Middle School is a non-profit independent school serving fifth through eighth graders with learning disabilities such as ADHD, ADD, ASD, or executive functioning difficulties. The school is designed to meet the academic and social needs of these students, as … Continue Reading

As I walk around the streets of Portland today, I can’t help but notice all of the modern buildings that now dominate our skyline. While these skyscrapers are pleasant to look at and showcase architectural ingenuity, our historical homes, bridges, … Continue Reading

by Emily Neelon |

When I think back on my childhood, I remember the carefreeness of it, each day a new adventure, my runaway imagination taking me in any and every direction. I had a good childhood, a loving childhood, … Continue Reading

A key partner is kicking off its campaign to fund vital projects around the Portland area with community grants:  Starting today, Advantis Credit Union is accepting applications for grants of up to $10,000 as part of its GROW Community … Continue Reading

It’s a short flight of stairs to the stage at The Secret Society on North Russell.  As you make the climb, you can feast your eyes on old photos of well known and not so well known musicians.  All the … Continue Reading

By Emily Neelon |

Let’s welcome everyone home to a good night’s sleep.

That’s the goal of Portland’s Welcome Home Coalition, a nonprofit organization working to provide all residents of the Portland metropolitan area with a safe place to … Continue Reading

By Jeremy Junkin |

Telling your story to someone who knows and understands your perspective is a powerful human experience.  It can be an incredible tool for healing from trauma of any variety.  It’s that moment when someone “gets it” … Continue Reading

By Emily Neelon |

Everybody should dance. Period.

At least that’s what Polaris Dance Theater believes.

Founded by Sara Anderson and Robert Guitron, Polaris Dance Theater is a multi-disciplinary dance company in Portland that offers a wide range of classes … Continue Reading

By Emily Neelon |

In a sea of public and private schools in Portland, Summa Institute stands out. With a mission “to awaken the inherent greatness of humanity”, Summa Institute is a non-profit organization located in Downtown Portland that is … Continue Reading

By Emily Neelon |

Being the new kid is hard. Being the new kid every year is harder. But being the new kid, wearing too-small, well-worn hand-me-downs is the worst.

Everyone has experienced the nervous anxiety that comes with walking … Continue Reading