It’s a question veterans, their families, psychologists and friends ponder: How does a soldier return to civilian life?

Wilderness Warriors doesn’t pretend to have the answer. But the nonprofit offers up a very Oregonian solution – get veterans to experience the outdoors.This week at Portland Radio Project, we’re digging into the archives to feature Wilderness Warriors as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. Through wilderness activities like hikes, camping, hunting and fishing trips, the team behind the organization tries to reconnect veterans with their families while engaging them in fun, physical activities.

This nonprofit was founded by two men – Tony, a veteran and Bill, the son of a Vietnam Veteran. Both wanted to help veterans and their families deal with the struggle ex-soldiers face when re-entering civilian life.  The two put their heads together and realized that a factor high on the healing list was spending time with family and friends. One of the easiest ways to do that? Head out into the wilderness and involve everyone in fun outdoor activities.

In 2015, Tony and Bill started raising funds and spreading the word of how Wilderness Warriors can help veterans and their families. They currently offer different outdoor activities, including hikes, fishing trips and more that cycle through the calendar year. These trips help veterans realize that they are are not alone in their battles to return to their old lives.

You can listen below to past interviews with key members of this organization: