Welcome Home Coalition: Affordable Housing for All

As Portland’s population continues to grow, affordable housing is becoming more and more scarce.

This is especially true for families with incomes below 50 percent of the median family income (about $35,000 for a family of four). Safe, stable, affordable homes can be very hard to come by for many of these residents. Welcome Home Coalition is working to rebuild Portland’s affordable housing infrastructure with at least 63,000 homes affordable to Portland Metro area families.

The shortage of  homes has an impact on young and old alike. Kids get bounced around to different schools with every rent increase. Many of our seniors can’t afford basic needs like medication and groceries, let alone climbing rental costs. And some families live at risk of homelessness every month trying to make ends meet when their rent is too high.

The Coalition believes that a community that is committed to affordable housing will help children better succeed at school as well as allow our families to age healthfully and prosper in a stable environment. Welcome Home also believes in equal access to the opportunity of a home and fair protection from losing a home.

Socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism and unequal access to housing are also issues that Welcome Home Coalition works to address. Communities of color, people with disabilities, and other systemically oppressed groups have disproportionately experienced housing displacement, the trauma of homelessness, and limited access to safe and affordable homes. To achieve this vision of housing justice, many decision-makers, leaders, advocates and representatives of the Coalition come from underrepresented communities.

Together, they strive to build a more equitable Portland for all. If you’re interested in volunteering at Welcome Home Coalition visit here.

This week Welcome Home Coalition joined PRP.fm on our award-winning Community Voices series. The podcast, featuring interview sessions with members of the organization, are below.

Tram Hoang, Community Organizer & Communications Associate

Donna Cohen, Welcome Home Advocate & Affordable Homeowner

Jeff Riddle, Transition Projects Shelter Manager & Welcome Home Advocate

Annette Pronk, Cully Housing Action Team Member


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