When I first met recording artist Bo Baskoro I quickly realized that we had the same passion for pop music and its many sub-genres. Having been a huge fan of Bo’s music before we met I was excited to find that we shared a lot of the same influences and outlooks on songwriting. The moment I decided to dedicate an entire evening to pop music, it was a no-brainer to invite Bo back to the program.

I can still recall the first time I heard Bo’s single Show & Tell and thinking to my self “This is one of the most sonically original singles I’ve heard in years”. On top of the masterful production, Bo delivers a stunning vocal performance that will instantly grab your ear. In our first interview we touched on Bo’s songwriting and production but because of time limitations I wasn’t able to ask all of my questions on the topic. During this second interview we had the time to dive further into Bo’s process and inspirations. Some of the artists featuring on the playlist were Bleachers, Prides, Leon, Rainsford, and OneRepublic.

Huge thanks to Bo for his candor, kindness, and stepping in as co-host for the night.

Please enjoy my interview and shared playlist with Bo Baskoro.