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Sounds of PDX with J. Amare

Singer-songwriter, J. Amare stopped by this week to co-host and discuss the topic of “Departure Projects”. Jason is known for his work in the local bands, HEMA and Over Alders but is now working on an upcoming solo record.

FullSizeRender-3Jason and I spoke about artists that have gone through the transition of being in a successful band and then evolving into a solo or side project. Our playlist included, Chris Cornell, Postal Service, A Perfect Circle, Eleven, John Lennon and many more greats.

The topic of songwriting was a common thread in the conversation as Jason shared his personal view on the creative process. A listener on the talk board asked Jason about working with other artists and his lessons learned from those experiences. He shared his insight into what he takes away from each new musician he plays with and how it has shaped him into the musician he is today. Ryan Aiello from Ill Lucid Onset is one of those musicians and he sent in a prerecorded shout out to Jason that you’ve got to hear in the podcast.

Sadly the day of our broadcast is the day Prince passed away. FullSizeRender-9Jason was kind enough to do a somber version of “Kiss” to pay tribute to the artists that knew no boundaries and helped shape modern music. We were also lucky enough to to get a live performance of “I’ll Decide”, an upcoming track from his solo record. In his previous project, Over Alders, he and Tiffany tackled the topic of equality head on. Not just gender equality but equality in race, class, and much more. When speaking with him about lyrics and a message he said that he wants to keep the message of equality as a cornerstone of his music. Jason is currently working with producer, Jackson Jackson at Trixie Studios, and I’m really looking forward to hearing these recordings.

Jason is as genuine as they come, it was a pleasure to have him on the show.

Please enjoy the podcast below.

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