Songs From Laurel Canyon

When a band is inspired by The Byrds, Love, The Buffalo Springfield, it seems only natural to dig deep into the sound-drenched and halcyon vibe that permeated the Laurel Canyon of the 60’s and 70’s.

The Parson Red Heads Present: Songs from Laurel Canyon




The month-long set that has roamed various McMenamin’s outposts arrives to the Crystal on Saturday, August 23, for a multi-set finale featuring the band’s favorite songs from the Laurel Canyon music scene in the 60’s & 70’s, along with songs from Parson’s own catalog of original music. The special guests are some of the best around. Scott McCaughey (of The Minus 5), Eric D. Johnson, Lewi Longmire, Brian Koch (of Blizten Trapper), Eric Nordby (of Norman), Snowblind Traveler, Kyle Morton (of Typhoon), and more!

Evan Way dropped by our studios earlier this week to go deep into the “everything” behind Laurel Canyon as an artistic choice. He and Robert Parish got deep into the weeds of the era and talked the six degrees of separation between all the artists working at that time. Listen to the conversation, below. And check out some of the other videos and a Graham Nash interview done last year, as well.


Evan Way in a Live Session from Mountain Air Studios


If you’re like me, can’t help but hear the deep influences of Crosby, Still, Nash & Young in The Parson Red Heads. One of the newest songs, To the Sky, particularly embodies that harmonic convergence.


Last Fall, Orb Weaver released. In the conversation below, Evan and I talk about their latest project.


Portland was lucky to get Graham Nash in on a book tour late last year. In our conversation at Powell’s, Graham gets to the heart of the matters, of that one particular sunny Laurel Canyon afternoon.

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  1. Gloria McFall
    Gloria McFall says:

    Nice job Inessa! I listened to an audio book awhile back – think it was simply called “Laurel Canyon”. Very interesting tales about the life of musicians who lived there during the infancy of rock and roll.


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