Meet Jenna D, host of Theme for a Tuesday and “jack-of-most-trades” here at PRP.

Jenna has dipped her toes into many aspects of our station since she started volunteering in 2017 – starting out in podcast production, moving to the on-air team, and then onto the Fresh Vibe music team. 

Like many of our volunteers, Jenna has a long list of local artists she admires. Of her favorites, she says, “I’m a HUGE fan of Small Million. Also Starover Blue, Camp Crush,The Decemberists, The Shins, Portugal. The Man, Pure Bathing Culture, the list goes on. We have quite the scene, it’s so hard to choose just one!”

On top of being an awesome volunteer, Jenna is also a Master’s candidate in Multimedia Journalism at the UO Portland campus. When she’s not working on her thesis or spinning tunes on PRP, you can find her playing with her cat, going to movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons, doodling, and binging Law & Order SVU.

Veronica Bisesti