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Luke and Teri welcomed Ryan Aiello on Portland’s Playlist Wednesday night for a session that was tons of fun. Ryan is the front man to Ill Lucid Onset, a band that is known around the world for their alt rock vibe. They have taken a break from performing so that they could spend the past few months working on new material, but will be back out there just in time to rock your summer. Plus, they have their annual gig at the Clark Country Fair, with a devoted fan base they do not want to disappoint. In this podcast you will also find out how they amassed the 30+ thousand fans they have from around the world, particularly in the latino and asian countries.

The first hour was spent listening to Ryan’s musical influences that included Muse, The Cure (Ryan appreciates how The Cure melds electronica and rock with their melancholy love songs), Citizen Cope, Radiohead, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, Nirvana, The Beatles, and Mazzy Star. In talking about Mazzy Star, he likes how they make simple music sound beautiful because making a song sound simple, yet beautiful, is very difficult.

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Photo by Teri Briggs

Moving into the second hour, we heard music off their latest release, “Live at Mississippi Studios.” Capturing a show’s energy and creating a live music sound is often difficult in a studio setting so they recorded their 1/22/15 show at Mississippi Studios and released the album last December. This show celebrated ten years as a band. Sometimes live albums can be distracting by background noise from the crowd, but this album is perfectly balanced. It was produced by Jackson Jackson from Trixie Studios and Ill Lucid, with live tracking by Sean Flora from the well known, Sean Flora’s Rock N Roll BNB Recording Studio.


Photo By Teri Briggs

The album is 12 tracks in all with songs ranging from the anthemic rock, “Believing,” to quieter ballads, “Lives in Me.” Personal fave, “Karma Comes” is that angry, divorce song with a hard, driving beat. Closing out the hour, was “Star,” which was released as a single. Ryan said this song represents where they’ve been as a band and where they’re headed. It was also their first original song in a couple of years. This is an album that would be perfect for those road trips, windows rolled down, as a workout mix, or on a motorcycle, cruising the long and windy road. We can’t wait for their studio time to come to an end so we can catch one of their live performances. Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you can find out when that is.


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