Frontman of Ill Lucid Onset, Ryan Aiello, stopped by for a Portland Radio Project Drop-In Session on Monday Music Muse with Michele Van Kleef to share the band’s new single, Star. Released as a digital-only single, Star was recorded to feature the new sound and direction of the band and you too can hear it in our interview!

In December 2015 they performed and released a live all-original album: Live at Mississippi Studios, culminating 10 years of being Ill Lucid Onset. The full-length album captured the energy and fullness that has been witnessed by fans over ILO’s first ten years at one of the most valued venues in their home city, Portland, Oregon. They prove to be live, loud, and rich! ILO’s sound definitely is a product of Ryan Aiello’s high school and college influences of 90’s rock, reminiscent of the harder side of grunge. However, when Ryan brought guitarist Christian Tamayo with him to share a live in-studio performance, we were treated to an acoustic version of Lives in Me. The album can be found at CD Baby and all the usual digital places.

Next up for Ill Lucid Onset is a creative 6-8 months of writing songs for the next recording… thanks for choosing Portland Radio Project for a wide variety of great music!