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The Portland’5 Podcast is an exploration of Portland’s theatre community through the lens of its five iconic downtown venues.

Art matters.


Art brings joy, inspires the mind, and unites communities.


Art changes lives.


Portland’5 has become a national leader in keeping art and culture thriving; and in this episode, Heather Wilton joins us once again to touch on what is in store for audiences this season. We will also hear an interview with Trey McLaughlin about his musical inspirations and the experience of working with a Grammy-nominated artist. As if this could not get more exciting, we had the pleasure of interviewing venerated journalist and news anchor of multiple generations, Dan Rather, who is coming to Portland to discuss his collection of essays, What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism. Tune in to hear Rather’s insights on Portland’s clash between Antifa and right-wing demonstrators, as well as a stroll down the memory lane that is his 60-plus-year career. In addition, Rather will state what he truly believes unites us as a nation. 



Heather Wilton, Director of Programming & Booking, Portland’5 Centers for the Arts

Trey McLaughlin, Musician, Director, Founder, Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar

Dan Rather, Journalist, News Anchor, Essayist, Reporter & Correspondent, CBS; Founder, News & Guts Media


After listening to this episode, you can view the full Portland’5 Presents Season here.


Host: Rebecca Webb, Co-Founder, Portland Radio Project


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