Source: David Nogueras, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Many Oregonians will pay more to heat their homes in November than they did last year. The Oregon Public Utility Commission approved rate changes for all three of the state’s natural gas companies. But, not everybody will be seeing a larger bill.

Customers of Avista Utilities can expect to pay about 6 percent less than they did last winter. At the same time, commissioners approved a 1.5 percent increase for NW Natural and a 12 percent increase for Cascade Natural Gas.

If you’re wondering why some rates are going up while others are going down, commission spokesman, Bob Valdez said it’s because each of the companies is unique.

“They serve different areas of the state. They have different numbers of customers. They buy their gas differently. They have to transport the gas to different locations,” Valdez said. “So all of those factors come together with the result that each company will have different rates.”

Despite this year’s 12 percent increase, customers of Cascade Natural will still be paying less per unit than customers of the two other utilities. The new rates go into effect Nov. 1.

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