Already been told and may have heard,  “we live in a political world, the one we can see and’re never sure why you’re here”. And then, there are those who’ve found a reason to live. And found they are able to offer up a certain wisdom and inspiration. Enter Ojos Feos.


Music As the International Language of…

..of what? Of love? Of peace? Of sustenance?

All of the above, as it turns out. Right in the nick of time, here’s food for thought. Teri Briggs and I, and especially so Teri, have ears to the ground on this particular sound and vision. Ojos Feos brings it. Don’t miss the fundraiser for Surg+Restore on March 10th. Here are the detes.




Dig into our conversation served up with that deep noodling thanks to Chris and Dashel.



Dashel on guitar, and Chris on that cray bass.

And leader of the pack, Robbie Cree.


Don’t miss out on three songs Ojos Feos grabbed out of thin air, at the end of our session.

Scenes From a Metalanguage










Ojos Feos