Iceland’s Indie pop-rock Of Monsters and Men (OMAM) delivered a stunning performance Friday before a full house in Troutdale.

Promoting new album “Fever Dream,” the five-member band played at McMenamins Edgefield. An impeccable setlist was nicely divided between old and new.

Rainy night, sizzling music

Gray skies and occasional light showers did little to dampen the enthusiasm of fans. Most came well-equipped, wearing ponchos and rain gear.

The band opened the night powerfully with “Alligator” from the new album. (In an interview with Billboard, band founder Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir credits Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” with some of the inspiration behind that track).

Included in the setlist were older selections like 2015’s “Crystals.” A beautiful performance of “King and Lionheart” from multi-platinum “My Head is an Animal” was another standout. And stellar hit single “Little Talks” brought everyone to their feet.

The biggest takeaway message of the night? OMAM deliver a truly phenomenal live show.

Lead vocalist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir mezmorized fans at The Edgefield Friday night

The band’s co-lead singer, 30 year-old Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, mesmerized the crowd with soaring vocals, superlative musicianship and her warm, unpretentious persona. Just as vital to the night’s success was a powerfully tight performance by the entire band, moving from song-to-song with nary a hiccup.

No mess-ups, and no sound problems, either – although one never expects that at The Edgefield.

For fans and newbies alike, it all added up to a perfect “10.”

After a nearly 90-minute setlist band members departed the stage. They returned for a first-rate encore: Fever Dream’s “Waiting for the Snow,” plus “Yellow Light” and “Dirty Paws” from their debut album.

Dirty Paws

Opening for OMAM were the alt-rockers Lower Dens.  Promoting new album “The Competition,” they delivered an engaging, capable alt-rock dreamscape setlist.

Friday was the last U.S. show for Of Monsters and Men until December. They’ll head to Ireland and the U.K. next month.

Here’s “Wild Roses” from the new album:

We wish them all the best, and hope they’ll come back to Portland soon!

You can check out their music and tour schedule here.

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