While patiently waiting to see if any of our favorite music venues re-open this year, there are, fortunately, plenty of new mood-boosting tracks to keep us motivated.

Here’s just a few new tempting music releases to tickle your ears.

The Fruit Bats – “The Balcony”

Check out “The Balcony” from Chicago’s Fruit Bats. It’s an appealing, upbeat number – and, it’s about patience during isolation. Who doesn’t need more of that?

Frontman Eric Johnson says it’s partly inspired by the movie “Cabaret,” the Star Wars cantina scene, and by Steve McQueen’s “Lover’s Rock.”

From the new album “Pet Parade,” top-notch musicians on this terrific single include Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman) and Matt Barrick (The Walkman, Fleet Foxes).

Don’t miss it!

Imelda May – “Just One Kiss”

“Just One Kiss” is a spunky dance track with attitude.

That’s because the newest from Imelda May boasts stellar musicians Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Wood. The Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist pulls out all the stops on this flirty, rollicking new track.

And, there’s more to come – “Kiss” is from May’s upcoming “11 Past the Hour,” out in April.

Black Pumas – “Strangers”

Black Pumas new  “Strangers” is that rare track that sounds comfortably familiar and brand-new all at once.

Originally by The Kinks, soulful “Strangers” gets new life from the Grammy-nominated Black Pumas via strings, piano and organ. Not surprisingly, it packs a punch. 

The vocal harmonies by this Austin-based soul band are rich and heartfelt. “Strangers” is an inspirational track for any old time, but especially on a road trip – this writer can attest to that!

The Staves – “Good Woman”

The Staves are an indie folk trio who’ve performed at Glastonbury and toured with Bon Iver. The title track from their newest album is as good a place to start as any in getting to know this band.

Warm harmonies, enthralling musical textures and a great arrangement make “Good Woman” an excellent track to add to your playlist this month.

This appealing, ethereal rock arrangement and its lovely layered vocals are sure to pull you in.

Flock of Dimes – “Two”

This is an ace track for all who gravitate towards warm, progressive synth pop. Lilting vocals and a splendid arrangement comprise a sweet, soothing treat for the ears.

Flock of Dimes is the fine solo project of Jennifer Lynn Wagner, a founding member of the indie rock band Wye Oak.

That’s a wrap!

This is a good time to remind you, our loyal listeners, to support the music scene by buying music. This is especially important now, while so many are being affected by current events.

Lastly, we here at PRP play a local artist every 15 minutes…show us some love! Please consider making a donation today.

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