Let’s just get this out of the way. Levon’s Helmet is not a pun-driven tribute band. Jason Oppat and Gordon Keepers spun out of bluegrass band Water Tower, and it is full speed ahead with another kind of power-punk-pop driven vision.

Weight’s in a Name?


Pun’s got me. Last one, Promise. This power-poppy-punky trio, with the driven intensity of Aaron Donaldson rounding out the group, got my attention because of their name and then, because I had really loved Water Tower (Bucket Boys), this needed further investigation.  The Portland Merc put it this way about the EP:

Clocking it at little longer than 10 minutes, Levon’s Helmet is a brash, peppy head-rush of power-pop and punk inflected melody, with Keepers and Oppat moving at breakneck speed through greasy, goopily catchy songs.


Agreed on catchy songs. Talking about the simple things of life. Aaron, Jason and Gordon dropped by Mountain Air Studios ahead of the snowy week we had earlier this month. Ended up having a show cancel, thanks to the wintery storm. But there’s plenty more on the calendar. Meanwhile, catch our session, below.  Get to know Levon’s Helmet.

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