McMenamins Al’s Den welcomes Ben Larsen

PRPMcMWell, this week has started off with a Bluegrass Bang at McMenamins Al’s Den! Ben Larsen began his week-long residency on Sunday 10/11. He’ll be in residence through Saturday 10/17, making music with different friends every night in the cozy pub. Portland Radio Project and PDX Rock Block, along with Ben, are enjoying every aspect of McMenamins’ hospitality – what a great opportunity to get acquainted with a local artist! We were so thrilled to have a chance to speak with Ben before his sound check on Monday! Click here for a list of each night’s line up.

Ben Larsen exudes creativity. This is a man who cannot stop expanding his horizons and inviting friends along for the ride. Ben has been playing music since early childhood, and I doubt that he’s ever been very far from a musical instrument at any time in his life. Ben has been in Portland since 2006, studying music, creating music, and sharing music. His blend of bluegrass and folk genres also incorporates classical music elements, making a very entertaining and inviting style that is definitely well-received by his audiences. The Sunday night show was already popular – we are excited to see how the week’s audience will build and connect with this engaging style of music! His skill on mandolin is more than impressive, and he also has played fiddle on several tunes. Ben loves his stringed instruments.

Ben’s band history is extensive, with several musical success stories – always involving creating music with friends. He invites several of them to play alongside him this week. He’s very enthusiastic and looking forward to Friday night’s lineup, featuring his recently “somewhat reunited” band The Giraffe Dodgers. Saturday night features Ben’s new project Crow and the Canyon, which he is rightfully very proud of as representing his current musical mindset.

You can catch Ben and his friends this week at McMenamins Al’s Den 7-10 PM. His current music is available on ITunes, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp – but we encourage you to pick it up during the free concerts at Al’s Den this week. Say hello to Ben, and enjoy one of his completely welcoming smiles! Ben will also be performing at a few other events this month, as a solo act, performing at Edgefield Winery on 10/27- and with his full band projects The Giraffe Dodgers on 11/28 at the Doug Fir, and Crown and the Canyon on 11/30 at Alberta Abbey.

Kelly Jones
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