Bridgeliner, the cool new Portland email newsletter, has received more than 110 nominations for best band to play at the PRP Holiday Kickoff/Fundraiser December 8 – and they’ve winnowed the fabulous field of entrants to five finalists.

Learn about the finalists in this excerpt from the newsletter – and don’t forget to vote:

“Want to help decide the winner? Read the scoop on the five finalists below, and cast your vote. Bridgeliner will announce the result Monday, November 26.

DONNA JONES & THE DELEGATION: Donna Jones is a senior clerk at Portland Public Schools by day and a jazz and blues singer by night. And she just played a show at the Jack London Revue this summer.

James L. says: “Soulful jazz, powerful blues. New on the scene this year.”

CLOUDLINES: This duo’s music was described to us as “99 percent soul and 1 percent cat.” We can’t quite pinpoint the cat influence, but we listened to their songs on Bandcamp and we think it’s working.

Gabrielle S. says: “If you don’t know who they are, are you even doing your job right?”

STRANGE AND THE FAMILIARS: Stephanie Strange is the lead singer for this quintet with “goose-bump lyrics” and “dynamic stage presence.” And even if they don’t win, you can still go see them on Dec. 1 at the Hotel Vintage Plaza.

Matt G. says: “Strange & the Familiars is the most unique music coming out of Portland. It’s funny, spooky, dark, and literary. The shows are always a blast and the writing of Stephanie Strange is a fascinating tie-in.”

DON BONSAI: The Don Bonsai crew teamed up with Canadian “renaissance woman” Zahira for their debut single “I Ain’t Mad,” and lots of people we heard from are really fired up about it.

Monica B. says: “If I have ‘I Ain’t Mad’ stuck in my head, so should everyone else.”

SWEET N’ JUICY: Their funk and jazz tunes will “get your butt wiggling.” What else is there to say? Except that they perform in ridiculous(ly cool) fruit onesies.

Bill P. says: “Amazing, adaptive, smooth progressive and traditional jazz!”

We’ll keep the voting open all week and announce a winner on Monday. Thanks for weighing in!”

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