Renewable, sustainable, clean energy has always had  a destiny here in The Great Northwest. Environmental awareness seems to be interwoven into the lifestyle of Oregon natives and transplants alike.

For the last 20 years a forceful advocate for renewable energy development has made it’s home here. That’s Renewable Northwest, a nonprofit powering our future, energizing our rural communities, building regional workforces and acting as a voice for our quality of life.

Protecting our the climate, strengthening the economy, and preserving our quality of life defines Renewable Northwest’s vision. The organization advocates the expansion of environmentally responsible renewable energy sources in the northwest through collaboration with government players, the for-profit industry, utility companies, energy consumers, and advocacy groups. This nonprofit’s relentless advocacy pays off – they’ve saved ratepayers millions of dollars, pushed ideas into laws, and inspired green industry growth. 

What is the future of renewable energy sources here ? What is happening with the development of hydroelectric, coal, solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy? How is Oregon growing and supporting the futures of these sources? How can these resources bolster and grow into the regions economy ? 

This week on PRP we featured Renewable Northwest as part of our award winning Community Voices series. Check out the below the interview we held with top officials and key guests of Renewable Northwest: