What happens when you mix a classically trained jazz singer with one of Portland’s most acclaimed trumpet players, a versatile pianist and sensitive drummer? Kate & the Crocodiles, of course! Gavin Bondy, the celebrated trumpet player for world-renowned Pink Martini is presenting the vocalist he fell in love with, Kate Morrison, in concert.

Kate & the Crocodiles will present their colorful blend of “original indy rock songs, early jazz and jazz standards, 70s and 80s rock as ballads, and other surprises” at Portland’s top-rated Winningstad Theatre November 9. As a special preview, you can hear a sample of the K & C quartet when they perform live in the PRP studio Monday October 30, at 9:00 am.

Be ready to win a pair of free tickets when the time is right. You’ll be texting the word “KATE” to 27299.

Listen in the heart of Portland at 99.1 FM – or stream from anywhere on your desktop or mobile device.

For tickets, and more information about the concert, visit Portland5.com.

Bondy tells the story of the band like this:

“It is extremely rare that I am taken so much by a vocalist. When I first heard her, I knew that my life would be altered by the moment.

Kate sang with a classically informed approach, focused on tone, intonation, clarity of lyric and beauty, yet without the traditional volume and pomp of opera. In this aspect, she was the Bing Crosby to the earlier Al Jolson. That’s pretty good, but she took it further, incorporating a pop sensibility, as Bing did, unaffected by the heady trends of the jazz of the latter half of the twentieth century. She seemed to fly in the company of Jo Stafford, early July Garland, early Doris Day, and so few others. Beyond all that, she wrote songs with a clarity of perception privy only to to those who live their lives that way.

When the time was right, I introduced her to the one pianist I knew who seemed uniquely prepared to work with her, someone I had known, worked with, and watched grow for a very long time, someone who works well in a truly collaborative environment. I had watched Craig play in many genres and with many singers and musicians, knew him to be understanding and sensitive to the needs of a vocalist, and stood in great appreciation as he ventured into brave collaborations of improvisation informed chiefly by the needs of the audience.

We formed a trio and put it into the slow cooker of rehearsals and out-of-the-way clubs for a long time. We played some very exciting out-of-town concerts.

Then I met an uncommon drummer who plays with a rare sensitivity to sound timbres, appreciates diverse genres, and presents supportively with a subtle honest vulnerability and a dependably delicious groove. Think of the way the food tastes in a really great upscale restaurant: gentle but strong, pure and honest, natural…a delight to the senses. I loved Brent’s approach when he occasionally filled in for Pink Martini’s drummer.

Please join us at the Winningstad Theatre, next to the Schnitzer on Broadway, on Thursday, November 9 at 8PM.

Our music has become a colorful mix of original indy rock songs, early jazz and jazz standards, 70s and 80s rock as ballads, and other surprises. We will also include a taste of our latest tangent: “L’Alchimie Musicale”, an evening of classical songs mixed with rock.

Thank you for reading. I dare you to miss this concert!

– Gavin

Kate Morrison – vocals
Craig Bidondo – keyboards, vocals
Brent Follis – drums
Gavin Bondy – middle and upper brass, vocals

Kate Morrison and Gavin Bondy – Photo: Scott Butner

Craig Bidondo Keyboard, Vocals – Photo: Rick Luiten

Brent Follis, Drums – Photo: Rick Luiten















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