Bauer. If their name sounds familiar you’ve likely been hearing them on PRP – they’re in regular rotation on our playlist. Or perhaps you’ve streamed then on Spotify or seen them on Twitter, where they boast some 65,000 followers.

Formed in 2006, the band continues to make music with great momentum and a cohesive alt-rock vibe that soars. Their unique sound relies heavily on synth and keyboards – think KEANE, or Thirteen Senses.

Perfect Ghost” opens this, their third full studio album. It’s a track that exemplifies what sets Bauer apart – appealing melodies, Greg Matthews’ ear-pleasing vocals, skilled and tasteful use of synthesizer and ample rock n’roll energy to keep things exciting.

Perfect Ghost

We had a chance to talk to lead guitarist and band spokesperson Michael Reed, and hear a little bit more about the new album.

PRP: “Tell us a little about the album – when and where were the songs written and recorded?”

Bauer: “We recorded the album over a two-year period at Redbridge Studio, which our bass player (Neil Treppas) runs and owns. It’s kind of our headquarters…all our rehearsals and our recording goes on over there.”

PRP: “How’s the new album being received in the U.K…the U.S.?”

Bauer: “We’re probably selling at a similar pace…in America as we are in Britain…as well as pretty much all over the world. Seems to have been that way for a good while now! We sometimes wish that everybody that loved the band came from the North of England so that we can play in larger venues in our home town.”

PRP: “What was the inspiration behind the title track?”

Bauer: “‘Impossible is Nothing’ was probably the first real song where we knew we had the basis of a really good album…alongside ‘Perfect Ghost’ and ‘Breakdown.’ It really pointed towards the direction that we knew we should be headed. It’s pretty much a call to arms.”

PRP: “How did ‘Perfect Ghost’ come about?”

Bauer: “It was quite a natural song for us, really. If you listen to the earlier stuff from ‘Sleeping Giant’ or the ‘Lose All Memory’ extras album, you can hear where it’s coming from…basically just a simple riff and an understated chorus; the production really makes that song.”

PRP: “What songs off the new album are band favorites to perform live?”

Bauer: “We’ve gone to the effort of learning every track from the album to play live so that we can really vary it at the gigs; ‘Made the Change’ seems to be going down really well at the moment!”

PRP: “Are you touring right now or is a tour planned?”

Bauer: “We’re pretty happy doing our shows here and there at present and keeping it exciting so that we’re not overplaying. We do have some pretty exciting plans about live stuff coming in 2017, though!”


A bit more about the band and album: Lead singer Greg Matthews pens half their songs solo, co-writing the rest with band members Michael Reed and Neil Treppas; most impressive, “Impossible is Nothing” was successfully fan-funded via Pledge Music.

Exceptional songwriting makes “Separation” one of “Impossible’s” best tracks – we love its compelling chorus and great lead guitar riffs.

It’s currently on PRP’s playlist – have a listen:


We also love the tight rock sound of the exuberant title track, while “Made the Change” boasts terrific interplay between the musicians.

You can buy Bauer’s music on iTunes. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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