Starting in November, we’re rolling out a new sound: a free-flowing post-genre amalgam of lush, contemporary music we call Fresh Vibe.


Our DJs have noticed the growing popularity of music that combines multiple genre influences with electro-pop beats. “It’s drive-with-the-windows-down, chill-out music that gets straight into your soul,” says Fresh Vibe co-curator Jen Emerson (aka Jen Em), whose PRP show Fresh Spins with Jen Em inspired the format freshening-up project. “Words are always secondary in describing music – and are always inadequate,” says Jen.

Sounds of PDX host Luke Neill, also a music producer, calls it “an extremely exciting time (to be a music lover/producer) because there are so many interesting things happening in this realm.” As an example, Neill cites Phantogram’s combining of vintage gospel samples, Motown style horns set against electronic beats, sweeping female vocals and catchy guitar riffs. His sampler (below) of the new FV format includes locals like Slow Corpse, Amadee, Korgy & Bass, Small Million and others.

Emerging artists don’t box themselves into genres, and – as part of our overarching mission to highlight local artists – PRP wants to give a voice to these creative projects, and simply play great music!


We’re still in love with them! They’re our Night Tribe, led by Music Director Inessa Anderson. Following Fresh Vibe (10 am – 5 pm, M-F), we’ll flow back to our traditional format (after 5 pm): new and alt-rock, indie, pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop – and special shows dedicated to bluegrass and country.

To stay on top of local music trends, an important job for local music radio, we’re opening ourselves up for the new sounds – while staying true to the bands we’ve been serving for three years on the FM dial. (We were streaming for two years before that, so really five years!)

The PRP format can now be described in four words: Fresh Vibe – Night Tribe!

Here’s Luke’s sampler of the New Fresh Vibe format – take a listen, and let us know how you like it!



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