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Fresh Spins with Jen Em, Episode 17
Friday, May 26, 2017

bronto by Wun Two
Morse Code by Men I Trust, featuring Odile & Geoffroy
Electric Blue by Pomona Dream
Under the Sea by Suzie
Orb in Limbo by Coco Columbia
Sweet Gin by Leisure Suite
Which Way is South by Drinker
Night Lies by Mating Ritual, featuring Lizzy Land
Hollow Life by Coast Modern
Something Here by Day Wave
You Can Be You by Saint Motel
High by Sir Sly
When They Fight, They Fight by Generationals
Keep Together by Hunter Hunted
Calling Listening by Rosemary Fairweather
Who Else Could I Be by Peter Bradley Adams
Walk Away by Drama Duo
Pieces by Parts
Pocket by Miloux
Ocean by Tiny Deaths
Be Fair by Computer Magic
Terror by Steady Holiday
Your Love Is Enough by Taylor Bense
Tangerine by Beach Fossils
Yours to Keep by Jordan Mackampa
Across the Multiverse by Dent May, featuring Frankie Cosmos
Ballroom Floor by Oberhofer
Paradise Waiting Room by Kisses
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