Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 53

Airdate: May 11, 2018

Here are the Fresh Indie Spins from episode 53 of Fresh Spins with Jen Em!

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Morning Skate by Sleepdealer, Gudo Rewinds

My Love by Bahamas
Something’s Missing by The Internet
Twinkle by letherette
The Wandering Star by Saintseneca
All Night Every Night by Benjamin Schoos, Dent May
Best Friends – Christian Rich Rework by Little Dragon
Causing Trouble by Saint Sister

Got a Feelin’ by Rookie Season
Forever Backwards by Gourmet
Don’t You Remember by Ed Mount
Golden Wings by Gabriel Garzon-Montano
Lucky 88 by Speedy Ortiz
Digital Sleep by Von Sell
Unplugged by VOKES
Mi Infinita by Cuco

The Pavement by Mesita
Laying in the Sun by Anemone
Lansing by Vinyl Williams
I’d Do It All Again by Michl
Black Car by Beach House
Black Rainbows by Cut Copy

A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, an Activity by Loving
Ok, Meet Me Underwater by Jay Som
The Wave by Cool Company
Diamond Rings by Tennis
I’m a Lie by Charlotte Gainsbourg
Crossfire/So Into You by Nai Palm
Dark Spring by Beach House

Paper Man by Ray LaMontagne
Crystal by Mujo, Sleepdealer