Forget about triple threats. Marv Ross is a musician, producer, songwriter and playwright. And together with Rindy Ross, he developed a very unique project, The Trail Band. But not before living out some of their wildest dreams.

Back in the Day

Not everybody, or every band,  gets a chance at reinvention, but Marv and Rindy Ross have done it in several different ways and times. As Rindy told me, “Yeah, we are blessed.”

It was 1981 when Geffen Records took on our Portland musical treasure. And as Marv and Rindy say in their bio:

It was an exciting-tumultuous-insane era and the Rosses lived out many a fantasy including Marv writing a song with Burt Bacharach and Rindy appearing on Merv Griffin with Richard Simmons.

QF in 2013


Now it’s 2013 and Marv, having worked up Quarterflash-specific songs with a blues-rock edge  and urging Rindy to explore that kind of sound with her voice,  has everyone in the band ready to offer up a new page in the history of Quarterflash with their new album “Love is a Road.”

Album Cover Art

It’s been making a quiet comeback for the last several years. And for this album, it’s just exceptional. Marv had long admired a FB friend’s posts of her art work. Now Anne Marie Grgich is in our circle as well. Incredibly innovative and unique. Check out a little tour I took of her artworks at Marv and Rindy’s house.

Sitting Around the Dining Room Table

Marv and Rindy are recent newcomers to this wonderful street off Tacoma in Sellwood. Their house? Pure Portland. I asked if any of their neighbors knew of their musical background. They said it wasn’t until a sweet block party over the summer that everyone got to know them a little better. Marv and Rindy are some of the more low-key creatives I know. Of course! It took a block-party to get their word out!


And a few more words below. Enjoy our conversation.

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