The world has lost one of its most revered folk singer-activists. Pete Seeger passed away last night in New York at the age of 94. Blacklisted during the McCarthy era for his left-wing views and lyrics, Seeger never backed off – but instead inspired a folk revival, writing songs about social justice and the environment. “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” is probably the most well-known. “He was out chopping wood ten days ago,” according to his grandson.




The Rivertown Kids is a community group of musically-minded young people, envisioned and supported by Pete Seeger and located in his home town in the Hudson River Valley.
“Our mission is to gather together young people (starting at 9 years old) who are willing to make a commitment to social and environmental justice by singing, songwriting, recording, and performing to get the word out’about living in a more responsible world.”
“Rivertown Kids work hard. We give our time and energy to be part of the solution to building a better world…in our own unique way.”







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  1. Gary Jarvis
    Gary Jarvis says:


    Nice tribute to Pete yesterday… I have been away from the computer for a few days and just logged onto PRP a few minutes ago. It was nice to see a brief summary of Pete without the usual “in spite of the fact that he was a communist…” phrases… He was a social activist. His association with the communist party was not the same brand of “communism” that existed in most “communist regimes”, for they were corrupt and oppressive. He embraced the brand of communism that actually was populist, progressive and socialist .
    Pete Seeger was an important voice for social justice and the Labor Movement in this country. I miss him already… Thank you for your brief piece memorializing him!

    Gary Jarvis


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