Subculture host Veronica Bisesti spoke with the guys from Sunday State as they prep for their first live show (since early 2020) in support of their newly released full length self-titled album.  Not only did we get the scoop on how the band formed, their collective influences and future individual projects, we were treated to some “backyard” versions of a couple tunes from the new album.

Under the writing collaboration of Kurt Foster (vocals) and Michael Carothers (guitar), Sunday State has brought together some incredible PNW talent from bands the likes of Paper Cameras, Mission Spotlight, The Pynnacles and Mudhoney.    Rounding out the core of Sunday State are Jeremy Dietz (bass), Steve Turner (guitar) and Thom Sullivan (drums).

If it was possible to add anything more to this stellar line up, throw in the producing chops of Larry Crane (Jackpot Recording) and Ken Stringfellow and the reality of “post punk campfire songs” came to life.

Sunday State will be playing live on Friday, May 21 at Strum Guitar (doors at 6:30pm, show at 7pm).  DM Strum Guitar if you’re interested in hearing (and seeing) rockin’ tunes by some pretty darn awesome dudes!

Listen to the full interview (below):


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