With a new EP and an upcoming radio show, Ms Elle is going places…and we here at Portland Radio Project can’t wait to ride along!

Subculture host Veronica Bisesti chatted with local hip-hop artist, songwriter and musician Ms Elle to discuss her new 5 song EP “Culture” and we got the scoop on much more.

Not only is Ms Elle an incredible song writer (with influences like Alicia Keys), she’s also a star athlete (can you say Olympics?) and will soon be a radio DJ.   Yep, you read that right, Ms Elle will be curating and hosting “Ladies to the Mic,” a female driven hip-hop show beginning January of 2021.  And where can you hear “Ladies to the Mic”?   PRP of course!

Take a listen to the full interview below and when you’re done, pick up your copy of “Culture” here



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