Drop-in Session with Camp Crush & Ronnie Carrier

What a great time was had when Camp Crush stopped by the PRP studio last month and sat in on The Mixtape with Patrick. Jen Deale and Chris Spicer are so talented, funny and make tremendous music together. In the interview they tell the story of how they met, they talk about their inspirations for the music and we listen to and talk about a number of their songs. Camp Crush is a remarkable band and a must have in the collection!


It was so great to have Ronnie Carrier  join in with host Patrick on The Mixtape last month. Ronnie is an incredible musician and supporter of local northwest music. Her guitar playing and lyrics are such a beautiful combination. In the interview we talk about her new music project, her inspirations, her song writing process and she plays a couple of songs live in the studio. Ronnie Carrier is an important part of the NW music scene and it was so fun to spend time with her in the studio!


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