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More than the relative scarcity of women in tech, Jennifer Cloer is worried about their mass exodus from the sector.

As reported by Newstack: “Women leave tech at twice the rate of men, according to the latest National Council on Women in Technology. Over time, hostile work environments will drive away a much as 50 percent of women working in STEM, according to a Harvard Business Review study. When combined with the projections that computing jobs will more than double by 2020 along with the shortage of competent engineers, the fleeing women become a serious problem.”

That concern, along with “fire in her soul and grace in her heart” prompted Cloer to lead the Chasing Grace Project, a six-episode documentary series about women in tech.

Says Cloer: “These stories of women rising in the face of adversity are unique because they’re still all too rare, but they’re also so compelling that they can inspire other girls and women to seek their own pathways to building technology, leading companies, earning more and changing the world around them. From the pay gap, online harassment and female entrepreneurship to access to the best jobs, the decision to leave or stay in tech and the role of male allies, the series will illustrate how we pave the way forward.”

Learn more about the struggle of women in tech jobs, and the latest on the Chasing Grace Project, next week Feb 12 – 15, at 9:40 am on Community Voices. You can listen at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland – and streaming worldwide at PRP.fm.


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