Community Voices

Give Voice to Portland. This Edward R. Murrow award-winning news series features podcast conversations about important public service work being done in our community. A free media platform for local thought leaders, community-based organizations and activists.

Photo credit: Miri Stebivka

Portland’s rich music scene has a way of supporting each other from going to shows and buying records to helping with medical costs. The Jeremy Wilson Foundation does its part in keeping the musicians healthy by offering a unique service … Continue Reading

Portland Community Media (PCM) is a non-profit dedicated to promoting local, non-commercial media, both on the internet and through their six cable channels:  Community Access Network (CAN 11), Independent Television Network (ITN 22 and ITN 23), Pulse of Portland (POP … Continue Reading

Portland Rescue Mission

For many, the holidays are a time for warmth and gathering with friends and family. Unfortunately, for others this luxury is not an option. The cold winter weather can be the most devastating for the homeless, but one Portland organization … Continue Reading

Portland based non-profit The Shadow Project now serves over 1,500 students in 33 different schools throughout the Portland metro area. By teaming with local special education teachers to create in-house incentive-based learning programs, The Shadow Project helps kids with learning … Continue Reading

The Portland Alano Club

For the 10,000 alcoholics and addicts who walk through the doors every month, The Portland Alano Club provides a home where they can attend 12 Step meetings. Maintaining sobriety can be particularly tough over the holidays, but the acceptance, serenity … Continue Reading

Meals on Wheels

On a brisk November afternoon, dozens of senior citizens and volunteers fill up the Thelma Skelton Meals on Wheels Meal Center in the Sacred Heart Village on Southeast Milwaukie Avenue. Hot food, board games and friendship are just some of … Continue Reading

Street Roots. Photo credit: Claudia Brown

You’ve probably seen a Street Roots vendor. Maybe you’ve walked by the homeless man; perhaps you’ve pulled a dollar out of your pocket and bought the scrappy little Portland newspaper.

Executive Director Israel Bayer describes the paper’s mission:

“We’ve been … Continue Reading

Portland Youth Philharmonic

Established in 1924 by Mary V. Dodge, the Portland Youth Philharmonic is the oldest youth orchestra in the United States. In its 90th season, it’s made up of 109 musicians, which is considered a large group for the main … Continue Reading


SOLVE is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Oregon clean. Each year nearly 50,000 people volunteer for SOLVE projects in more than 180 communities across the state.

The largest project SOLVE sponsors is the beach cleanup, held every spring and … Continue Reading

Mercy Corps Northwest

On today’s Community Voices, we continue to discuss Mercy Corps’ reentry programs for people leaving prison.

Yesterday we talked about the LIFE reentry class which is taught at two nearby prisons in order to help inmates prepare to transition … Continue Reading

Mercy Corps Northwest

Most people think of Mercy Corps as the emergency aid organization that responds to crises around the globe, such as the ongoing civil war in Syria.

And that it is.

But did you know that Mercy Corps Northwest, the … Continue Reading