Lux, the Portland cat who cornered his owners in a bedroom until they called 911, is getting help. Animal Planet’s show “My Cat from Hell” is sending its star, Jackson Galaxy, to counsel the family. Galaxy tells the Associated Press that Lux’s story immediately caught his eye when it came to national attention last week.The four-year-old Himalayan mix kitty attacked his family so aggressively the owner, his girlfriend, their baby and the dog huddled in a bedroom and called 911. In the call’s recording, you can hear Lux banging on the door and howling.

Galaxy says once a threat is removed, a cat generally stops attacking and runs, and that usually situations like this one stem from the way a cat’s owners treat it or because the cat is ill. Lux is currently in the Multnomah County Animal Shelter, but his owners say they want to reunite with him, with Galaxy’s help.