Wine Growers

By: Jordana Gustafson, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Farm laborers are working round the clock in the Willamette Valley to pick grapes in anticipation of a weekend storm.

Sam Tannahill directs winemaking for A to Z Wineworks and Rex Hill Vineyards. He says his workers will harvest a record 210 tons Friday.

“We’re operating pretty much on a 24-hour basis right now with two to three shifts during the day, trying to get as much fruit as we can in before the rain,” Tannahill says.

It’s not possible, he says, to harvest all of the grapes before the heavy wind and rain is expected to arrive. Tannahill is hoping for clear weather after the storms to dry out what’s left on the vine.

In other weather-related news, SOLVE announced it will postpone its Beach Cleanup at all coastal sites. The group expects to go ahead with inland site cleanups as scheduled.

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