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Best New Releases

Here are some of our music and air teams’ recommendations of the latest album and music book releases.

From Inessa Anderson, Music Director

Mark Lanegan Straight Songs of Sorrow

“This is Lanegan’s second album in just six months.”




Mark Lanegan and Wesley Eisold Plague Poems – Heartworm Press

“Do we sing what we write or write what we sing? Lanegan and Eisold come together to present words of dystopian desolation. Plague Poems is a collection of 23 poems written by each, for love – lost, losing, and even sometimes found. Written in February and March of 2020, the sub-conscious presents a narrative of love in the end of days.”





From Asia Wagner, Music Curator and the host of Beat | Side

Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes What Kinda Music

My favorite release this year so far!

From iTunes Review: “On this freewheeling passion project born of breakneck jam sessions, songwriter and producer Misch unites with virtuoso jazz drummer Yussef Dayes for a sound that fluidly combines elements of jazz, hip-hop and electronica.”


Hayley Williams Petals For Armor

Paramore’s lead singer’s first solo project and oh so good!

From Rolling Stone: “Released in three parts over the course of this spring, Petals for Armor can be viewed as a trilogy of five songs each, where Williams explores her changing coping mechanisms in the midst of hardship. Her path leads through seething rage, spontaneous revelation and, eventually, new romance.”


Emancipator Mountain of Memory

The latest from our local electronic music producer, and I’d say some of his best work yet!

From the artist’s website: “Mountain of Memory’s 14 free-flowing tracks effortlessly encapsulate his entire musical history without sounding forced or overly complicated: Mid-tempo dance grooves, solid boom bap hip-hop beats and calm…”


From Veronica Bisesti, Artist Liaison and the Host of Subculture

X Alphabetland

New music from punk royalty X is finally here!  We’ve been waiting more than 30 years…and it was worth the wait.




Pretenders Hate for Sale

Be on the lookout for this…it’s still in the “pre-release” stages but from what we’ve heard thus far, you are gonna want this album.




The Warlocks The Chain


The LA psych rockers latest release is perfection. The right amount of fuzz and grit alongside hauntingly simple vocals. Just perfect.



From Jenna D, the Host of Theme for a Tuesday

Pearl JamGigaton

“This is the eleventh studio album by Pearl Jam. It was preceded by the singles “Dance of the Clairvoyants”, “Superblood Wolfmoon” and “Quick Escape”. It is also the band’s first studio album in seven years. Rolling Stone writes that Gigaton is “an admirable, inspiring example of grown-up grunge”. Spin says, “Gigaton has a little something for everyone. It’s a complex, dynamic album full of earnest emotion and subtle humor”. Mojo, in yet another positive review, states, “Strong and loose, political and personal, Pearl Jam get the balance absolutely right”.


The StrokesThe New Abnormal

“This marks the sixth studio album by the Strokes, released on April 10, 2020, through Cult and RCA Records. It is their first album in seven years, following Comedown Machine (2013), and their first release since the Future Present Past EP (2016). It has received positive reviews from critics, with many viewing it as a return to form for the band. Praise has also been directed towards the maturity of the lyrics and improved cohesion among bandmates.”


STRFKRFuture Past Life (Also a local artist!)

“Future Past Life’, the long-awaited fifth studio LP of indie rock group STRFKR, confirms the group’s versatility and lyrical maturity, while acoustic-driven instrumentation creates space for the album’s most rewarding sonic ventures.” – Atwood Magazine



From Patrick Meigs, the Host of Mixtape

Lucinda Williams Good Souls Better Angels

This record is simply incredible! If you liked Car Wheels on A Gravel Road or any of Lucinda’s early music, you are going to love this album. There is both a rawness and depth of feeling that will make you want to play the record over and over.



Ben Rice & R.B. Stone Out of the Box

Local blues guitarist Ben Rice’s new record Out of the Box with guitar player RB Stone is tremendous. It has a great vibe and outstanding guitar work.



Alexis Evans I’ve Come A Long Way

If you like bluesy funk, then check-out Alexis Evans! His latest record titled I’ve Come A Long Way is wonderful glimpse into his musical talent. It is filled with funky tunes that keep your toes a-tapping.







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