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From Inessa Anderson, Music Director

Ólafur Arnaldssome kind of peace

Ólafur Arnalds has released what he calls his most personal album to date. The Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and composer released Some Kind Of Peace just this month. “The album was inspired by a conversation Ólafur Arnalds had with a close friend. “He started talking about how
we can’t control anything that happens to us,” Ólafur recalled. “All we can do is control how we react to what life gives us. That just totally clicked; to me the music symbolizes that reaction. It was one of those moments where suddenly everything you’re doing makes sense.” (

Matt BeringerSerpentine Prison

The National’s front man Matt Berninger’s debut solo release “Serpentine Prison” released last month sees Berninger leaning into his band’s core sound while showing what makes him so unique. “ After spending the last couple decades as one of 21st century alt-rock’s longest-running success stories, the National have spent this year on a break…Berninger made the record with the help of friends and peers … The result is a set of forlorn ballads that start spare and gather beauty as they grow. (


From Asia Wagner, Music Curator, Host of beat | side

Cyrus NabipoorLive at the Marigny Opera House

This is a debut record by the Portland trumpeter, composer, improviser, and teacher. The 10-track album was recorded live in New Orleans, where Nabipoor has spent a good chunk of his time and established himself as a prominent musician. His compositions skillfully float between classic and contemporary sound.



Marika HackmanCovers

The prolific English multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter released her latest, 10-track album with covers of some of her favorite songs. The album includes her take on tunes from The Shins, Radiohead, Beyonce, Elliot Smith, Sharon Van Etten, and more.

From iTunes: “Covers – recorded in her childhood bedroom… is a collection of serene and at times devastating versions of 10 tracks Hackman has had on repeat over the last few years.”



The UK-based electronic music producer is a young, rising star on the vibrant scene. Her unique sound and a great body of work got her noticed by Bonobo, Maribou State, and other industry heavy-hitters. “Flowers” is her second EP and offers 4 upbeat, fun tracks.

From NME: “TSHA was included in The NME 100 for 2020, which showcased 100 promising new artists. In the list, TSHA’s music was described as “a delicious, euphoria-inducing sonic cocktail that’s packed with affecting melodies and plenty of groove”


From Veronica Bisesti – Artist Liaison, Host of Subculture

Public EnemyWhat You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?

The 15th album by Public Enemy is a welcome reminder of their ever present radicalism and continued significance at a time when we need their voices more than ever.   Talk to me Chuck D…




Bob Mould – Blue Hearts

Husker Du frontman Bob Mould is back with “Blue Hearts”, a self-proclaimed protest record.  Thank you for dusting off the lyrics book Bob and telling it like it is.




From Jenna D – Host of Theme for a Tuesday, Music Team

Sylvan EssoFree Love 

“Detractors will rightfully point out that Free Love utilizes the same sonic architecture as its predecessors, but it’s a fairly idiosyncratic template and one that [Amelia] Meath and [Nick] Sanborn have shown great skill with over three albums now. Besides, the world always needs more dance music for introverts.” -AllMusic

“There’s something in the way Sylvan Esso craft their music, weaving folksy melodies and acoustic instruments with synths and 808s, that feels like exactly what pop music should be: punchy and pure.” -DIY

Future IslandsAs Long As You Are 

“It’s a listening experience that’s as satisfying and rewarding as those aforementioned records. With a band as assured and stylistically unique as Future Islands, a choice to stay in their lane can only mean more good things.” – Paste Magazine

“Future Islands’ landscapes of sound are more intricately detailed here than they have been before. Their poetic angst has matured into something more subdued and dripping with acceptance. As Long as You Are feels, in a way, like the band coming home to itself.” – Exclaim


From Jamie Drakos – Host of NW HonkyTonk

Margo CilkerCrosswind

Crosswind is a new “quarantune” out from Margo Cilker of Enterprise, Oregon.  This short ballad has captured some of the loneliness, yearning, and reflection we’ve been experiencing this year. Crosswind, like many of her songs, helps me take a deep breath and settle into my body and the ground a little easier.  Be sure to read along while she sings, the poetry is lovely. (Also, if you missed her album from earlier this year, Songs from My Bucket, put that on your list next!).


TK and the Holy Know NothingsPickled Heat

The guys who were lighting up some part of Portland every week before Covid have given us a few songs – like a good, fun, live show in a box- to hold us over until we can all go to shows again. The first two tunes are rollickin’ fun Honky Tonkin drinking songs (one may be a little lewd?). Then they bring it down to their ballad, Ghost, showcasing Taylor Kingman’s lovely voice with some quiet musical backing, which ultimately rises into a great electric guitar solo. Dive in, folks!


From Patrick Meigs – Host of The Mixtape

Olivia AwbreyDishonorable Harvest

Olivia’s debut record Dishonorable Harvest is raw, powerful and simply outstanding. Her lyrics and guitar playing meld beautifully together to create a sound that draws you in from the very first track. Ms. Awbrey is a local Portland area musician to absolutely keep an eye on!




Mipso is an incredible new find! Their latest, self-titled record, Mipso, is beautiful. The blend of guitar, fiddle, drums and bass set a lovely backdrop to inspiring lyrics that that speak to our beliefs and dreams. They hale from North Carolina and are yet another example of the amazing music to come from that part of the country.


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