Here are new album and or music book recommendations from our Music and Air teams.


From Inessa Anderson, Music Director

Run The Jewels RTJ4

Killer Mike, part of the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels and known for his long history of activism, has been an astonishing and needed mouthpiece  in these current disunited states we find ourselves in. With this new album, you’ll find a resource to hold on to with guests like Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age fame, Mavis Staples, Pharrell Williams among the luminaries.

As Jaime and Mike tell us on their website: “Fuck it, why wait. The world is infested with bullshit so here’s something raw to listen to while you deal with it all. We hope it brings you some joy. Stay safe and hopeful out there and thank you for giving 2 friends the chance to be heard and do what they love…” A fitting soundtrack for this world of chaos. Physical copy is out in September. Streaming now.


From Asia Wagner, Music Curator and the host of Beat | Side

Khruangbin Mordechai

The trio from Texas recently released their highly anticipated album and it is so good! The band blends several different musical styles including soul, funk, psychedelia and wraps it in wholesome lyrics.

From The Guardian: “In a way, Mordechai is the perfect anxiety-busting album for our frantic times.”



Becca Mancari The Greatest Part

Second solo album by Nashville-based musician and a member of folk trio Bermuda Triangle. The album offers a diverse sound and plenty of personal storytelling.

From Captured Tracks: “The Greatest Part marks a significant sonic evolution for the Nashville-based songwriter, expanding beyond the homespun rootsiness of her critically-acclaimed debut to incorporate a grittier, more experimental palette, one fueled by explosive percussion and fuzzed out guitars. The lyrics are similarly raw and intrepid here, peeling back old scars to explore the emotional and psychological turmoil Mancari weathered growing up gay in a fundamentalist Christian home, while at the same time examining the ties that continue to bind her to the family she loves. It’s that dichotomy, that friction between grief and joy, pain and forgiveness, sorrow and liberation, that lies at the heart of The Greatest Part, Mancari’s captivating new collection.”


Korgy & Bass x Cyrus Nabipoor Live at Presonus

The latest release from Portland’s beat-making duo and their friend and collaborator, Cyrus Nabipoor.

From the artists: “While spending a week in New Orleans promoting our album “Remote”, we had the opportunity to do a live video session at the Presonus HQ in Baton Rouge. We loved the recordings so much, we decided to release the audio as our first live recording. Please enjoy “Noboru” and “Psyclops” recorded live at Presonus in Nov. 2019 with videos to follow later in July.”


From Veronica Bisesti, Artist Liaison and the host of Subculture

Gang of Four Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands – 5th Feb 1980

With the recent passing of Andy Gil, co-founder of Gang of Four, this live EP is a much needed opportunity to re-visit the amazing sounds AND political forwardness of this incredible band.




Rob Halford Confess: The Autobiography

In this tell-all memoir, the Judas Priest frontman gives us a front row perspective on his 5 decades in the metal world.  It’s slated to be released in September and WE CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!





From Jenna D, the host of Theme for a Tuesday

Haim Women in Music pt. III

“The third album from the trio is far and away their best. Intimate, multidimensional, and wide-ranging, the songwriting shines with personality and a great curiosity for melody and style.”
-Pitchfork Magazine

“The sisters in Haim add what was missing from previous releases — tension and texture — to make their sharpest and most adventurous songs yet.” – New York Times


Austra HiRUDiN

“Katie Stelmanis’ fourth album swings for big, embodied pop moments without shying from the strangeness and discordance that’s animated the project since the beginning.” – Pitchfork Magazine

“It’s hard to get a take on Katie Austra Stelmanis, better known simply as Austra. It’s also hard not to like her sensual, electro-influenced, classical vibe. Her ever-evolving career path has seen a rollercoaster of genre-bending and style-shifting, from the dark and moody to danceable synth-pop to soothing new age and back again. HiRUDiN, Stelmanis’ fourth album as Austra, continues this trend.” – Under The Radar


Phoebe Bridgers Punisher 

“Phoebe Bridgers is part of the zeitgeist now. There’s no doubt about it: She’s now graduated from critical darling to beloved music personality on the brink of pop culture recognizability. Liking Phoebe Bridgers is like being caught up on all the best b-list HBO shows, watching A24 movies or reading Jia Tolentino: It’s cool.” -Paste Magazine

“If Punisher proves anything, it’s that whatever comes next for Bridgers, whether it’s making sense of her generation’s dark future that lays ahead, or finding ever-new ways to mythologize her own sadness, she’ll be more than well equipped.” -Rolling Stone


From Cynthia Orlando, Writer and member of the Music Team

Caroline Rose Superstar

With imaginative arrangements from start-to-finish, the newest album from the L.A.-based songwriter Caroline Rose is getting rave reviews. One of my favorite new releases, you’re sure to love the pop-rock vibes of her new “Superstar” release.



Sunny War Can I Sit With You

An exceptional blues-folk artist to watch is Sunny War. She just released her new “Can I Sit With You” EP.

“I haven’t heard a young guitarist this dexterous in eons,” writes one music critic.

I’m loving Sunny War’s “Love Became Pain“, “Can I Sit with You”, and “xO,” all in rotation right now.



Neil Young Homegrown

“Vacancy” is a track not to miss from Neil Young’s new-old “Homegrown” album, and no doubt Neil Young fans will love the whole album.





From Patrick Meigs, the host of Mixtape

Sunbathe Somewhere In Between

Sunbathe’s new record demonstrates that the band only grows in their confidence, musicality and power. The lyrics and vibe are just so good!




Candace New Ruins

If you ever get a chance to see Candace live, you will be in for a treat. You can tell why on their new record New Ruins. The strength of their music, lyrics and sound draws you in and when the record is over, makes you want to listen again.



Norah Jones Pick Me Up Off the Floor

Pick Me Up Off the Floor is the title of Norah Jones new record. Record after record, Norah Jones delivers beautiful songs, incredible piano and an extremely tight band. This is a great record!


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