The goat herd living on the blocks between Southeast 10th and 11th at Belmont are moving to Lents. The Belmont Goats’ twitter feed–yes, the goats have a twitter account–confirms the Portland Development Commission has selected them to live at the Lents Town Center. Willamette Week is reporting the fourteen goats will initially be housed on a vacant lot at Southeast 93rd and Woodstock, the home of the Lents Farmers Market. When the market is in season, the goats will move to Southeast 91st and Foster.

They’re losing their current home to a new retail below/housing above development. That parcel has been vacant since two entire blocks burned down in 2002; the goats were brought in three years ago to manage weeds and have been there ever since. The goats told us on twitter they aren’t ready to discuss specifics, such as whether they’ll now be called the Lents Goats.

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