Shady Pines Media and Band of Comerados are back together again, with a new episode of “In the Hollow.” On this episode, Band of Comerados debuts “Ain’t Enough,” a joyful ditty intended to spark the inner “prime” we all long for. Sometimes, we go out with the best intentions of not repeating history. And, sometimes things don’t go as intended.

Band of Comerados, contextually and structurally, captured lighting in a bottle with “Ain’t Enough,” staying true to the Comerados traditional sound, while also exposing the diverse folk vibe they have created within their genre here in Portland. Ryan McMahon’s voluminous voice conveys the message he and Band of Comerados were trying to get across:  enjoy to every extent, regardless of how mellow or how rowdy one can be.

The song’s theme is a playful take on a time-tested rite of passage into adulthood, drinking with the crew. “Ones to many and a hundred ain’t enough…” is the tune’s catchy hook, tying each lyric together while suggesting an exploratory journey down the rabbit hole – sometimes looking through the bottom of a glass. An anthem inspired by Ryan’s father, an alcoholic in recovery for 35 years, “Ain’t Enough” explores temptation, in this case a night of drinking.

Shady Pines’ editor matches each shot to every line of the song. The crew found a way to convey the fun, frantic feel of the lyrics with quick-cut shots – giving each scene a personal feel, while maintaining the consistent flow of the song. “They are a tight band, so the recording process was pretty quick and effortless,” according to Brian Bauer, Co-Founder of Shady Pines. Shady Pines continues to feature each artist or band in a unique way – their formula for success.

Review by James Kemp
Portland Radio Project Contributor



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