On the lookout for new tunes that are entertaining, inspiring, uplifting? Music by UK singer-songwriter Andy Ruddy may be just what you’re looking for.

His 2015 “Everything is in Order” debut was an astounding collection of indie folk tracks – impressive for its quality and diversity. It’s got a great singer-songwriter vibe – on some songs, Ruddy’s voice is even a bit reminiscent of American music icon James Taylor.

On his newest, more electronic “Vital Signs,” the Northern England musician shows up with the same creative ingenuity. Watch for absorbing “Way to Wander” or “Locks and Alarms,” a more acoustic arrangement with splendid vocals.

And though one might never guess the subject matter, hit single “Boys and Girls Like us” is a gleeful, first-rate dance track you’re sure to love.

“‘Boys and Girls Like Us’” is inspired by the tough gigs you do as an unsigned artist-especially in London,” says Ruddy. “On the bad nights you can find yourself playing to an audience mainly consisting of boys and girls in bands…any independent musician that has gigged a lot has been there.”

“Musically I wanted to create …something upbeat that people could dance to,” he adds.

We think it’s fabulous and have added it to our playlist. Have a listen:

Boys and Girls Like Us

Also on the new album: lovely and pensive “One And The Same,” which boasts singer-songwriter Annie Drury from Ruddy’s hometown of Bradford.

More about Ruddy

A musician from the Northern town of Bradford, England, Ruddy’s debut “Everything is in Order” charted at number 7 in the UK’s iTunes singer songwriter album chart.

Formally trained in piano and guitar, he started writing his own music at 14. His musical influences include David Gray, Aqualung, Elton John and Coldplay. Currently, Ruddy’s music plays and streams in hotels and coffee shops all over the world.

New album “Vital Signs” landed at number 12 in the UK singer songwriter charts, and BBC recently called him “one of the country’s most underrated songwriters.”

We had a chance to visit with Ruddy recently about the new release. Here’s what he had to say about bringing the new music to fruition and the inspiration behind it.

PRP: “Do you work with studio musicians or do you have a band you play with regularly?”

AR: “I have both, thankfully. My best friends are all musicians and I called upon them when I was launching the album – they were fantastic. In the studio, it’s mainly me and the producer I happen to be working with on all of the instruments other than acoustic drums.  And I work with two great drummers – Sam Wade and John Miller. They’re both consummate professionals.” 

PRP: “Can you tell us a bit about the inspirations behind the new album?”

AR: “’Vital Signs’ is about the things that keep you feeling alive – for me, it is music and the most important people in my life. The writing is either about the fight for those things, or the celebration of them. “

“Sonically it was simply the desire to do something different,” he adds. “I’d spent the four years previous as an acoustic troubadour, and just seemed to be gravitating towards electronic music during the writing phase.”

PRP: “Which tracks are getting the most airplay?”

AR: “Boys and Girls Like Us” from the new album seems to have done very well on local radio since being released. Also, I get some nice feedback about a song called ‘One To Another’ from the first album – it’s being played in coffee shops and hotels around the world, which is always good to hear.” 

“One to Another” is on our playlist…here it is!

One to Another

PRP: “Your two favorite tracks on ’Vital Signs?’”

AR: “One And The Same” features singer songwriter Annie Drury from my hometown of Bradford. Annie is absolutely the real deal as a writer and a singer. To have that calibre of artist on one of my tracks makes it a favorite on the album. I’m also proud of the last track, ‘Locks and Alarms’.

PRP: “Your favorite live performance memory from 2018?”

AR: “It was the actual album launch gig in November! The band played brilliantly and I really appreciated the turnout in Guildford to support the new album.”

That’s a wrap!

Whether you resonate to Ruddy’s singer-songwriter melodies or his newer electronic direction, we think you’ll agree new album “Vital Signs” shows promise for this enterprising young musician.

We hope he’ll play Portland someday and till then, wish him all the best!

You can find music by Andy Ruddy on iTunes and on his website.

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