The transition to kindergarten can sometimes be difficult for children. It’s essential to have a solid foundation in place with which a child can flourish in the classroom. At Youngset Co-op Preschool children are provided with the emotional, social and academic tools to succeed at the elementary school level. This week were digging into the archives to feature Youngset as part of our award-winning Community Voices series.

Established in 1967, Youngset Co-op Preschool provides a cooperative learning experience that allows children to build on their natural curiosity. Their cooperative school consists of a group of families who hire trained teachers and work with them to provide a quality preschool experience for children. The school asks each family to contribute about 4-6 hours per month, or about 47 hours per year. Each family is responsible for one committee job during the school year. This includes attendance at two general membership evening meetings, in addition to fund-raising activities and providing snacks for their classroom.

At Youngset a variety of developmental stations in each classroom give children the opportunity to observe, make choices, share materials with others, use language and experience their world through play. With the guidance of well-qualified teachers, the goals of emotional, social and cognitive development, as well as the enhancement of large and small motor skills, are achieved through a well-planned physical setting. The framework of a co-op allows teachers, children and parents work together to create this learning environment that respects the uniqueness of each child.

Youngset offers two classrooms, each serving a different age group. The Junior Classroom features a group of 16 children ages 3 and 4, while the Senior Classroom features a group of 18 children ages 4 and 5. There is also The Big Block Room which is an additional space for crafts and imaginative play as well as a playground, gym and lunch/snack room.

If you’d like to learn more about Youngset Cooperative Preschool or join them for their 2018 open house, visit their website.

Interviews with key members of the organization can be found below:

Laura Ross, Assistant Registrar and YCP parent