If you haven’t heard it’s the Chinese New Year and you don’t have to be Chinese to appreciate what The Year Of the Horse will bring.

Briefly, the Horse is part of a 12 year cycle of animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. The Horse is said to offer a perfect opportunity to start fresh. And that includes cleaning your home thoroughly before the new year. That’s to get rid of any bad luck from last year.

But the most important  part of the yearly celebration is the food. Each food that’s eaten  has a purpose, with many of them signaling a healthy, wealthy year. Fish for example are served whole, symbolizing a complete life. Not into fish? Try some oranges or tangerines. Their color symbolizes money and fortune.

So if you’re looking to make 2014 your year, the Chinese New Year is the perfect springboard. Or to quote Karen Abler of the Western School of Feng Shui make this the year you:

Step up and out of any old clutter, stored memories, should-have-dones or regrets. The time to deal with that is over for now. Untangle your thoughts quickly and get clear on what it is you truly desire in this lifetime. It’s the year of the Horse. Your trusty steed is here, full of vibrant health and tremendous stamina. It should be quite a fast ride. So grab a fistful of mane, hang on to the reins and cast your cares to the wind.

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