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Check out our newest addition to the PRP Podcast Co-op, Wine Crush!

In the inaugural episode, we’ll uncork two remarkable wine stories. One from Janie Brooks-Heuck of Brooks Wine, explaining how her friends and family honor the vision of her late brother Jimi, founder of Brooks. In the other story, you’ll find out why Bertony Faustin, from Abbey Creek Vineyard, is a trailblazer, and hear about his upcoming documentary.



Janie Brooks-Heuck, Managing Director, Brooks Wine

Bertony Faustin, Proprietor, Abbey Creek Vineyard

Guest Biographies

Janie Brooks Heuck

Portland native Janie Brooks Heuck spent more than a decade in the health care industry before finding herself responsible for the business operations at Brooks Winery. Struck by the generosity and guidance from the Oregon wine community after Jimi’s passing, Janie quickly realized the importance of Jimi’s lifework, and she set out to execute Jimi’s wish of turning Brooks into a family legacy – starting with Pascal.

Since taking over as Managing Director in 2004, Janie has increased Brooks’ production from 3,500 to 20,000 cases and, in 2008, purchased the 20 acres that Jimi had farmed biodynamically since 2002. Janie is also on the Board of Directors of the International Riesling Foundation, on the board of Wine America, and on the media committee for the International Pinot Noir Celebration.

Bertony Faustin

He plants the vines, tends to them, harvests the fruit, makes the wine. Bertony is the heart and soul, the drive that pushes Abbey Creek forward. Born from Haitian-immigrant parents, and a transplanted New Yorker himself, Bertony has found not only his family, but his destiny in Oregon wine country. An Anesthesia Technician by trade, Bertony started his wine career like many, somewhat by accident. It was the passing of his father in 2007 that inspired him to take that leap of faith as his family once did in the past with their migration from Haiti to NY.
Noting his in-laws had a small vineyard, he began exploring the potential of making his own wine and gradually launched Abbey Creek Vineyard.Always a student and innovator, Bertony is producing a documentary called Red, White & Black. The first recorded Black winemaker in Oregon, Bertony began the Red, White & Black journey to help identify and tell the stories of other minority winemakers. As the project has taken shape, more minorities in wine-making have surfaced and an important story has become ever more important.
Abbey Creek Vineyard is all Bertony – all his personality, style and grace. Get to know him and you know his wine.


Heidi Moore, Wine Enthusiast

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